Who are we and what do we do?

There is a story about Dr. C.G. Jung giving a lecture in London in the 1930’s. During the lecture, a colleague raised a question from the floor. Dr. Jung responded: "I’d be happy to answer your question if you will permit me to teach you what you need to know to understand my answer."

Addiction has impacted most of us either directly or indirectly. There is much that we need to know to understand the problem. Understanding then allows us to make good choices in our response. We are an Addiction Medicine Specialist, a PhD clinical psychologist and a communications dilettante who have put together a number of helpful presentations on issues relating to Addiction.

Dr. Morgan

Dr. Morgan is our primary presenter. He served his country in the Air Force, and became a physician's assistant in the service. He went to medical school at Michigan State University. His advisor and mentor while at MSU was Dr. Andrew Weil. He completed residency in family practice and is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. He worked in emergency medicine for 14 years as an emergency medicine board certified physician. He is also certified by the American Board of Holistic Medicine and the American Society of Addiction Medicine. His experience in the practice of addiction medicine began in 1984. He is trained in medical acupuncture from the Helms Institute at UCLA. He is certified in pain management, and provides these clinical services through his practice at Integrative Options. Dr. Morgan has had experience on the radio and being the physician answering questions on the television, skills which are evident in his delivery of this material you need to know.

Dr. Schlutter

Dr. Schlutter is involved in some of the presentations. She obtained her bachelors, master's and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology at the University of South Dakota. Dr. Schlutter did her clinical psychology internship at the University of Minnesota Hospital. She has had experience owning and running an Employee Assistance Program for seven large companies and consulting for those businesses. Her Schlutter & Associates practice does psychological assessments and psychotherapy, provides training and supervision for doctoral students, and consulting. She has owned chemical dependency treatment facilities, and serves as a resource and consultant in that area. Dr. Schlutter tested for and obtained a Certificate of Proficiency in Treatment of Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders through the College of Professional Psychology, American Psychological Association.

Dr. Larsen

Educated by Christian Brothers in Sacramento, graduated from Dental School at University of Minnesota and then served as Dental Officer in Germany and West Point. While at the US Military Academy at West Point, developed a lifelong interest in multimedia for education. Upon separation from the military, was influenced by Dr. Wm. Glasser to be more concerned with what makes us well and healthy. This philosophical orientation toward health and wellness has characterized Dr. Larsen's professional life and is what has drawn him to the establishment, along with Dr. Morgan and Dr. Schlutter, of "What you need to know!" Dr. Larsen's interests in video production are his contribution to WYNK. Dr. Larsen is currently also involved with the Glasser Institute, and is active in teaching and promoting the principles of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy."