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What is Recovery month?

September is recovery month! You may want to visit to see all the information about this. Recovery month includes people in recovery, who have achieved this through inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, faith based treatment, 12 step groups in the community, White Bison, Welbriety or medication assisted recovery. There are many paths to recovery, and no one way fits everyone. Everyone on a path to recovery is acknowledged.

The theme changes from year to year, with many community celebrations around the country. Recently the theme was real people, and about addiction as a medical illness. Addiction is the quintessential biopsychosocialspiritual illness. That “bio part” is quite important, whether to help understand the genetic predisposition to addiction, or to understand that sometimes medication assisted recovery is needed to allow the brain time to heal and for neurotransmitters to get regulated again.

The real people in recovery are making a difference, in their own lives, and the lives of the seven others touched by each person’s addiction. People recover together. People are bringing their friends and relatives into recovery now, rather than into drug use. We all celebrate this. Learn more online at SAMHSA, or the address for recovery month above. WYNK flash videos may be useful to keep your education up to date.

by: Lois Cochrane Schlutter, Ph.D. L.P.

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