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What options do I have for making changes?

Choice and options are very important in chemical health. Choice and access to treatment are priorities nationally for NIDA, SAMHSA, NIAAA, and CSAT. Go to these websites to learn a great deal more. You have a number of choices, for yourself, your employees, or for loved ones.

First of all is honesty. Honesty sounds simple, but it isn’t. We are talking about a true appraisal of your situation. Whether you are the addicted individual or the codependent one, look at your own behavior, your own emotions, your own fears, your own expectations. But go back to looking at your own actions. Do your words and behavior match? The healthiest people have words and behavior that match.

Second is openness. Open to possibility, to hope, to change, to learning, to growth. Open to having a fresh new start this year. Open to using the expertise of specialists in the community, just as you would for other vexing problems that don’t seem to go away. Open to new experiences, new ways of connecting and having fun.

Third is willingness. Perhaps your spouse/family/employer has given you some clear nudges that something must change, and they are suggesting it be your relationship to alcohol or other drugs of abuse. Perhaps your willingness has increased given that holiday DUI you got, and now your choices are education, treatment or jail. Willingness: not because it sounds good to others, or it looks good on paper, but because you know what doesn’t work for you in your life.

Get more information by watching some of the flash videos we have on a number of these topics.

by: Lois Cochrane Schlutter, Ph.D. L.P.

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